FT8 and FT4

If you are running FT4 or FT8, even with good signals between you and the other party, you really need to consider disabling TX1 when calling another operator. In WSJT-X you can do this simply by double-clicking on TX1. Why?

    It saves on time. FT8 exchanges are already monotonous
    Rarely does anyone give a damn about your/my grid square (on HF at least)
    When dealing with weak/fading sigs, keep back-forth as short as possible

Also, there are so many LIDS out there (usually long time DXers) who sit and wait for their choice DX, not paying attention to their TX slot, and they simply call out to their DX without any thought of who is already using the slot. This is especially noticeable amongst American ops — usually the guys with higher DXCC totals, beams and amps who know better but just don’t give a damn. There is usually plenty of free space available to transmit, and all it takes is a little courtesy and a moment of your time to actually find an open slot before transmitting.