QSL Policy

2015-present EN90LN Carrollton, OH 44615 (Carroll County)

1993-2015 EN90QL Toronto, OH 43964 (Jefferson County)

1991-1993 EN90QM Toronto, OH 43964 (Jeffferson County)

I upload all logs to LOTW, eQSL and ClubLog regularly, and about once a week I import LOTW QSOs into QRZ.   So, whether you are working towards an ARRL award, a CQ award or a QRZ award, I’ve got you covered for Carroll County, Ohio.

I am no good through the Buro.   If you want a QSL card (why would you?) send your QSL along with an SASE.   I used to QSL for free, but the whole process is an unnecessary pain these days.   I do have QSL cards on order and scheduled to arrive around Christmas 2021 or just before.

AA8IA 2021 QSL Card