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IARU HF World Championship this weekend

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The IARU HF World Championship is this weekend, from Saturday, Jul 9, 1200Z to Sunday, Jul 10, 1200Z. I entered this contest last year as SOCW LP and made around 312 Qs in 12 hours. I only managed 42 ITU zones and 48 HQ mults. “Piss poor” is what comes to mind. Looking at past scores, another Ohioan managed 376 Qs, 76 ITU zones and 93 HQ mults, but he was also running high power and likely had at least one yagi. At any rate, I’d sure like to manage something more than 42 zones and 312 Qs.

The problem is that there is no way I’m going to run anywhere near 24 hours. I’m not even sure I can put in 8 hours. My antenna situation is no better than it was last year at this time either. Sure, I have an 80m doublet up now that wasn’t up before, but it’s not going to perform any better than the DX-EE performed last year on 10/15/20. And, on 40/80m neither antenna is a DX antenna. This would have been a perfect contest to try out a new yagi or hex beam — but I don’t own one!

Certainly I’ve learned a few things in the last year. One would hope I could improve upon last years’ score if all other things were the same (propogation, time in seat, antennas). All I know is that I really need to increase my DXCC count. I had spent most of this past year working on various WAS awards and have neglected DX for the most part. I just don’t feel like much of a contester, or amateur radio op for that matter, when I can’t manage to work outside of the US!

Final plans haven’t been decided, and won’t be until the very last minute. The early weather forecast predicts very nice weather [no storms] for the weekend. I’ll have both the doublet and the DX-EE up. But, I’m still trying to recuperate from FD. I predict a bad weekend as far as back pain goes.

I spent too much time on 10m last year with two little reward. Hopefully propogation is favorable for some 10m DX, and hopefully 15m will be booming. Upon looking at last years’ results, 15m/10m were dismal and 20m was the only band worthwhile for a station using low dipoles.

I’ve got a list of things to do to prepare for this one, but it’s all contingent upon my back pain not being too severe. We’ll see.

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July 6th, 2011 at 12:29 pm

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