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PJ6D 2011 6-meter Expedition


I managed to work PJ6D on both CW and SSB without fanfare. The fact that these guys have set a frequency that they would be on that helps a lot. CW, SSB, or beacon — you’ll know if they are on the air and workable.

I got ’em on CW first, and then on SSB yesterday afternoon. On SSB they worked a great split, 50.105 / 50.155 tx/rx. I set the VFO and called six times while they were calling CQ with no answers. They were S7-S9 and I couldn’t figure for the life of me why they were not hearing me. I investigated and discovered I was on LSB instead of USB. Flipped to USB, threw out my call, and bang they were in the log.

They upload to LOTW, and my two QSOs are already confirmed:

  • AA8IA PJ6D 2011-07-01 17:30:00 6M SSB 50.155000 SABA & ST EUSTATIUS
  • AA8IA PJ6D 2011-07-01 00:32:00 6M CW 50.106000 SABA & ST EUSTATIUS

Of course this made my day. Any 6m contacts I make are very satisfying. PJ-land isn’t far away, but it’s another DXCC on 6m and it’s “exotic” in my book.

Thanks to the guys for working me!

You can check out the latest news at the following website:

PJ6D 2011 6-meter DXpedition

Written by Mike

July 2nd, 2011 at 12:20 pm

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