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Ordered some antenna stuff


Sure, I can make a dipole… I know how, and I have. But i’m not in the mood. Plus, Alpha Delta makes some good dipoles.

I ordered an Alpha Delta DX-EE (40 through 10, shortened on 40). I also ordered a Max Gain Systems MK-6-HD

Once I get this put up and test it out, I imagine I’ll buy an Alpha Delta DX-CC (80 through 10, shortened on 80). The goal is to eventually have the DX-CC set up as an inverted-V strung N/S and have the DX-EE strung NW/SE as a flattop dipole.

A flattop would exhibit some additional gain upwards (good for more local) and an inverted-V would be more omnidirectional.

I’m excited because i am pretty sure I’ll have at least one decent dipole up by FD; although I’m really hoping that by then I’ll have both AD dipoles up in the air. I really want the ability to get on 80 during the QSO parties. The DX-CC isn’t a full length dipole on 80. It’s a compromise. But it beats trying to load up this POS G5RV I’ve got.

Should have the antenna and fiberglass mast Tuesday. then I’ll have to figure out the best place to put the mast and get it secured. It’ll need guyed if I push it all the way to 35′ to secure the dipole, likely at the 20-something foot level. I haven’t decided if I’ll find a way to mount it on my back deck (which is about 10 feet off the ground) or if I’ll mount it at ground level. If I mount it at ground level, secured right above 10 feet at the deck, and have the guys in place, it should have no problems withstanding the winds here. If I mount it on the deck, I’ll likely have to guy it in two places to keep it stable enough.

Written by Mike

May 14th, 2010 at 4:56 pm