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HostICan VPS Order — or not

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On Aug 11 I submitted an order at www.hostican.com for a VPS. When i was done filling out the form and submitting the order, it redirected me to a thank you page. After a while of not receiving an email verification of my order or a welcome email, I called them up. Understand that I don’t expect to order a VPS and have it automatically set up in five minutes. I do expect an instant notification via email that my order was received and put in the queue.

I called them up and they said it was a busy day and they had a lot of orders. I was told that if I didn’t hear from them by 8:30 PM, give them a call. Well, I had other things to do so I didn’t call them last night.

This morning I still hadn’t heard from them so I called them up a little after 9 AM. The person who answered indicated that there was no record of my order in their system. So we ended that call, and I then went and placed the order again via the website. After placing the order I called them to verify they received the order, and they did. They said it should be set up by 10:00 AM.

I received a Welcome Email at 9:30 giving me login instructions to the customer center, where the email indicated I could manage all aspects of my ordered package. I went and clicked on the link to access the VPS, and the IP address was missing.

I opened a ticket via their support system, and a short while later (9:48 AM) the ticket was closed with the response that “It appears that your vps is not setup yet. You need to wait for a welcome email from us.”

I thought I did receive a Welcome Email from them. After all, the email I received had a subject line of “Welcome to Hostican” and it provided me with a customer ID and password to log into their Customer Manager system so that I could manage the product I ordered. Granted, I did not recieve an email providing me with the IP address of my VPS or the root password. Nonetheless, I technically did receive a “Welcome Email” :)

I tried to reply to the email that was sent from the ticketing system, and the email indicated that the address that sent the email is no longer in use and that I must respond via the ticket system. That’s interesting since the tech who picked up the ticket already closed it. So now I need to re-open the ticket.

Needless to say, so far this experience has been irritating.

~11:35 AM – I re-opened the ticket and asked when the VPS might be up. The response probably won’t be the one I’m looking for.

~11:39 AM – I received this response:


Yes, that welcome email means your order is confirmed with us. It usually takes upto 12 hours to setup a VPS account after placing a order.


According to their website, 15-20 minutes is what it takes to set up an account. Although they give more details here: http://answers.hostican.com/questions.php?questionid=124

So they may have to verify things? Considering I’ve spoken with them on the phone multiple times, the domain associated with the VPS is in my name with my email address, and I’m calling from my home phone providing useful ANI, you’d think that is all the verification one needs.

Who knows, maybe I’ve already been enough of a pain in the ass [not intentionally] to cause them to simply refund my money after 48 hours. That’s not what I’m wanting. I signed up for a reason. I don’t waste my time signing up just so that I can give them a hard time and waste their staff resources.

Guess we’ll have to see what happens next.

~2:44 PM – Received notification that the VPS was set up. I ssh’d into it and did the prerequisite turning off of unneeded services, editing /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf to my liking as well as /etc/sysconfig/network to change the hostname and do a “hostname server.mydomain.ext”.

Then it was on to seeing what packages were installed and installing those I needed. Lo and behold Yum [the package manager] was not installed. Hey, I’ve been a diehard *nix, especially Linux, junkie since 1991. I don’t need no Yum. But, this is a CentOS [Redhat-based] operating system and as such it most certainly should have Yum installed on it.

~6:38 PM – Rather than installing it myself, I figured I’d ask them why they omitted it during installation heh. I mean seriously, no Yum on a CentOS install? That’s just silly. I figured there must be a logical reason, such as that perhaps they have troubles with customers using Yum to install the stock OS packages over top of ones they shouldn’t [such as those ending in .swsoft, since this is a Parallels Containers VPS]. Of course I knew that wouldn’t be a problem. I already run other VPS’ on the same VM platform with CentOS and Yum installed with no prob. They installed it quick enough, and didn’t give me an explanation why it wasn’t included in a basic OS install.

Everything else was fine from there. Working great so far. Of interest is the fact that the same day they set up the VPS [and I paid for a month up front], they have already issued the invoice for the next month of service. It’s not due for a month, but it has been issued now. Go figure. I think I’ll hold off on that one :)

Written by Mike

August 12th, 2011 at 10:21 am

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