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DXing – An enjoyable pastime

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To be honest, I’m not technically a DXer. I don’t have beams or amps. I don’t plan my schedule around when DXpeditions are operating or when the band might be open to AF or AS.

As time goes on, the idea of adding DX stations to my log is appealing. I run only low wires and 90w or so. I typically am free to operate the radio at times when only 160/80m are useful [i.e. at night]. My work schedule is and has been one where I am awake half the night or more, sleep past sunrise, and go back to work shortly after the higher bands open to the into the US.

This morning I managed to go to sleep early and wake up early, and by 8 AM I was already logging SA, EU, and Carribean stations. I was hearing many places weak but copyable, including Greece and the Ukraine. Contacts were made on SSB and CW on 10/12/15m, including another PJ contact before they tore down and departed for home.

Certainly if I had multielement beams @100 ft and 1.5Kw it would be fun, but it’s also fun with low wires, a weak signal out, and a weak signal in. In fact, there is something mysterious about copying stations at or just above the noise level. I enjoy it.

No doubt there is DX to be had, no matter if you have limited space/abilities for antennas. You just have to use some tricks to work DX at times when the DXers with elaborate stations may do it nearly effortlessly.

Incidentally, yesterday afternoon/early evening a KH6 was booming into East Ohio on 10m. Beautiful sig. I didn’t have the patience to work him since he was ragchewing rather than keeping it simple and short. No problem there… his choice. But I had other fish [DX] to fry [work]. It was great to hear some non-NA stations on 10/12m.

15/12/10m are becoming more and more active now. Tune around, and even if you do not hear anyone or you aren’t seeing anyone spotted, throw out a few CQs and you may be surprised at who returns your call.

Written by Mike

October 20th, 2010 at 11:27 am

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