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TnQP and CoQP this weekend

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The Tennessee QSO Party and Colorado QSO Party are both this weekend. Thankfully, they do not overlap at all. I’ll play for a while in the CoQP, and hopefully the thunderstorms will remain only a threat so that I can operate the full nine hours of the TnQP.

Colorado QSO Party 2011
1200Z, Sep 3 to 0400Z, Sep 4
Sat Sep 3 8AM – Midnight EDT
Website | Rules

Tennessee QSO Party 2011
1800Z, Sun Sep 4 to 0300Z, Mon Sep 5
Sun Sep 4 2PM – 11 PM EDT
Website | Rules

Everyone should consider jumping in amongst the fray and making some Qs!

Written by Mike

September 1st, 2011 at 11:20 am

CoQP 2010 – Summary

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I’d have to say the CoQP was the most fun of all of the QSO parties I’ve worked thus far. Yep, even more fun than the OhQP for me. I worked hard to get the limited number of Qs that i got [72 total], but it was very relaxing to me. 20/40m were awesome. Weather was great. There were very low noise levels. I rarely had to call a second time to get a CO station. Their mobile ops are just great, able to handle fast/slow CW but predominantly sending at a much slower rate than ops in many other contests send. I think this is great because it is more appealing to casual participants, especially those who aren’t used to copying at such high speeds. Whether the CO ops knew it or not, I think they were presenting themselves in a way that made even the most green of participants want to give them a call. Thumbs up to them.

I had a blast working the mobiles. All of the CO mobiles were solid copy and had surprisingly strong sigs on both 20/40 for the duration of the contest. It was really a great way to spend a lazy Saturday before the holiday weekend kicked into gear.

Thanks to all of the CO participants… and especially the CO mobiles that made it so fun to chase them from county to county. W0UA/M and W0ETT/M were everpresent and easy to work. I also liked that the mobiles appeared to often QSY up or down the band after changing county, which made it more challenging since you couldn’t count on them being at one particular frequency through multiple counties.

Another thing I noticed is that my low 80m doublet was the best antenna for 20/40, beating out my DX-EE every time I checked. I was really glad I had the 80m V up.

I had never intended to operate 8 hours, but it was so fun that I got sucked in!

My Results

Colorado QSO Party

Call: AA8IA
Operator(s): AA8IA
Station: AA8IA

Class: SOMixed LP
QTH: Toronto OH
Operating Time (hrs): 8.2

Band CW Qs Ph Qs Dig Qs
80: 10 0 0
40: 26 9 0
20: 36 17 0
Total: 72 26 0 CW Mults = 32 Ph Mults = 16 Dig Mults = 0 Total Score = 16,320

Club: Mad River Radio Club

Written by Mike

September 6th, 2010 at 2:14 pm