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More Holiday Radio Fun

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I figured I’d check out 6m today. Didn’t see any sign of propogation in/out of Ohio on DX Summit or DX Sherlock. I did see that VP9/N0JK was active on 6m, so I “turned the beam” towards Bermuda… remember, I’m just using a Moxon so I’m not sure how much difference it makes. Lo and behold, N0JK was a pretty consistent S9+. I threw out my call and in no time had him in the log.

Later in the evening I tuned around and heard some activity from FL. Although my main interest today wasn’t southern states, I heard K8CQ and WB4VMH and figured I’d give them a call again since I had worked them before. Both sounded FB. Decided I’d turn out west since I was hearing N0LL/B pretty good a little earlier. I then worked K0JY in EN20 on CW, although he was pretty weak. I was unsure I copied the grid correctly, especially since it didn’t match his QRZ grid. Fortunately, later on I heard him on SSB and gave him a call, at which time I was able to confirm he was in EN20 at the time.

For the fun of it I checked out the RBN [ reversebeacon.net ] and said to myself, “why don’t you CQ for a minute or two and see if you get spotted by one of the RBN nodes?” So I did just that. Surprisingly, I saw that the N6EV node had spotted my CQ. I thought, “hmm, i don’t see any activity reported between the west coast and here, but the RBN isn’t going to lie.” So I CQ’d a few more times, and the next thing you know I had NW6R and AA6XV in the log. In an instant I became a believer in the RBN. Absolutely great stuff! The bottom line is this — If you know there is propogation between you and a specific area, start CQing. Things may seem dead, but you could waken things up all by yourself.

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Thanks to the CA, IA, GA, FL, and VP9 stations that worked me today!

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July 3rd, 2011 at 11:55 pm

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