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Awaiting the Arrival of the Diamond X300NA

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Diamond X300

Diamond X300NA

I’m awaiting the arrival of a Diamond X300NA 146/440 Mhz base antenna.  This is Diamond’s mid-range base antenna for 2m/440.  The NA designator means that the antenna is terminated with an N-Connector rather than an SO-239.   Looks to be of solid construction, and I’ve heard and read good reviews about the antenna.

Given my restricted space and the fact that I’m not prepared to put up a tower, this will likely be mounted to a piece of PVC pipe sticking out of the deck table [replacing the umbrella] until a permanent location is decided upon.

I chose this antenna because of its solid construction and the fact that not only can it be used for 2m/440 activity but it can also be used as a scanner antenna for 150-162 Mhz and 450-470.   Sure, it is not designed / tuned for those parts of VHF/UHF but is close enough to still outperform a typical omni scanner antenna.    The reason for choosing an antenna with an N-connector is because I run LMR-400 with N-connectors for my coax system and N-connectors reportedly are better to use at UHF and higher frequencies due to less loss.   I’ve also read much material that debates this.    I chose an N-connector anyway.

I’ll update once I receive the antenna and proceed with putting it up in the air.

Written by Mike

April 4th, 2010 at 10:37 pm