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T32C (Kiritimati / Christmas Island) is QRT

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The record-setting T32C crew are QRT as of 10-24-2011. On that last day I managed to get them into the log two more times, for a total of 12 band-mode combinations. Most of those I didn’t really have to try for. I was simply tuning around on the bands yesterday and found them.

They will be missed, by me at least. They are some fine DX ops. Even during the biggest pileups they seemed to keep it together and maintain their wits. They were omnipresent on the bands. I don’t think there was a time of day or night that a T32C couldn’t be found on the air on some band/mode.

They were excellent listeners, and they ID’s after each QSO [at least when I heard them] and always would indicate if they were listening up or down and if they were targetting a certain geographic area. Until the very end I rarely if ever heard them simplex. They stuck to their plans of operating split [sometimes a very wide split], and it appears that it worked out very well for them and for us [the DXers].

Every time I worked them they seemed calm, polite, and did not rush you to the point that you felt you had to end the QSO before being certain you were in the log. And, if you weren’t in the log, no problem — call them again later on. They’d work you once or 10 times on a band, didn’t matter.

Another bonus is that they will [eventually] be uploading all QSOs to Logbook of the World.

There isn’t much I can really say [that would be worth anything], but if someone where to ask me I’d give these guys the #1 position in my list of best executed DXpedition. From my perspective it was a great success. I thank all of the ops, who took devoted a lot of their personal time and expense and who were diligent in picking out callsigns and exchanges through QRM, QRN, and often deep QSB.

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October 25th, 2011 at 2:15 pm

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