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Tennessee QSO Party 2011 Summary

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Storms in the midwest/east made for some rough listening on 80m. There was a
lot of QRN on 40m, but the strong TN signals made it through fine. I shut
down for a storm cell and decided to take a break then, so I managed only 7 of
9 hours.

Chasing the mobiles was fun. I’d have chased more fixed stations if i had
heard them. Worked the following mobiles: w4nz(17), n4zz(14), w4sig(10),
ad8j(6), n4q(3), and w40qg(2).

Thanks to all of the TN stations who made themselves available to be worked,
and to the sponsors for putting on an exciting QSO party.

Tennessee QSO Party
1800Z, Sep 4 to 0300Z, Sep 5

Call: AA8IA
Operator(s): AA8IA
Station: AA8IA

Class: SO FixedMixed LP
QTH: Toronto OH EN90ql
Operating Time (hrs): 7

Band CW Qs Ph Qs Dig Qs Mults
80: 22 19
40: 71 27 52
20: 14 9 20
Total: 107 36 0 91 Total Score = 36,163

Club: Mad River Radio Club

Written by Mike

September 4th, 2011 at 11:49 pm

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