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Colorado QSO Party 2011 Summary

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I operated on and off all day. All was quiet in the house since family were
visiting other family out of county. 80m was extremely noisy here, and I had
to decrease power to 10w on 80m due to RF into the CAT control. Thanks to
W0IMD for pulling out my sig.

40m was also noisy this evening. It’s obvious to me that we’ll be getting some
storms just in time for the TnQP tomorrow. Sorry I didn’t work more of you.

20m was most productive and I worked quite a few mobiles.

Thanks to the Colorado stations for the good times, and to the sponsors for a
very enjoyable QP.

Colorado QSO Party
1200Z, Sep 3 to 0400Z, Sep 4

Call: AA8IA
Operator(s): AA8IA
Station: AA8IA

Class: SOMixed LP
QTH: Toronto OH EN90ql
Operating Time (hrs):

Band CW Qs Ph Qs Dig Qs
80: 1
40: 17 4
20: 25 14
15: 1
Total: 44 18 0 CW Mults = 23 Ph Mults = 14 Dig Mults = 0 Total Score = 7,844

Club: Mad River Radio Club

Written by Mike

September 4th, 2011 at 12:35 am

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