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Ohio QSO Party 2011 — August 27th

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The 2011 OhQP is this weekend, from 1600z Sat, Aug 27th to 0400z Sun, Aug 28th. For those of us in the Eastern Timezone, that’d be Saturday noon to midnight.

Full details can be found at the Ohio QSO Party website including the Rules, a HowTo, the submitted Planned Operations, and an area where you can submit your operation if you are a station operating from an Ohio county during the OhQP.

Oh — one more thing. The Ohio QSO Party does not do Facebook and does not do Twitter. The only official web presence for the Ohio QSO Party is http://www.ohqp.org . Don’t let the impersonator fool you.

Below is a semi up-to-date map of planned fixed, mobile and rover operations. However, this is but a small number of Ohio stations that will actually be on the air. Not all Ohio stations submit their planned operations to the OhQP website. This QSO party is one of the largest / most popular.

Note: Click on one of the counties to see what stations have submitted operating plans for that county. Different colors represent different #s of stations.

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August 26th, 2011 at 4:39 pm

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