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2011 AlQP — AA8IA SOLP Mixed — #1 Ohio, 2nd US

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Checked the mail today, and lo and behold there was an envelope from Jim / KC4HW.

I opened up the envelope, and inside was a beautiful certificate for getting High Score – OH / 2nd Place US in the SOLP Mixed Category in the 2011 AlQP.

I’m a 44-year-old guy. I’ve accomplished a few things in life, although none of them have been in the realm of amateur radio. And, I wouldn’t consider this an accomplishment. However, I wasn’t that far behind WQ5L, the winner [1st Place] in the same category. It sure was nice to get the certificate — it actually means something to me.

It got me to thinking. I don’t look at it so much as a certificate of any sort of achievement. Instead, I look at it as the ACG guys saying “we appreciate that you thought enough of our QSO Party efforts that you put some time into helping make it worthwhile for all of us who put on event.”

The bottom line is that the ACG (Alabama Contest Group) puts on a great QSO Party, and they go through a great deal of trouble to say thanks to all of the people who participate by issuing Plaques, certificates, etc. What a great bunch of folks!

I can think of many many stations who, if they would have operated in the AlQP, could have totally wasted me. But they didn’t. Why not? They didn’t play in the game. It sure gives me some motivation to put the AlQP on my list of must-do QSO parties for 2012. Who knows… I could actually win in my category next year. I’ll definitely try harder. Even if I receiving nothing for my effort, I’m guaranteed to have a helluva lot of fun!

Written by Mike

August 26th, 2011 at 9:52 am

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