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Breaking News: AA8IA orders QSL cards

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I realize it’s a really strange title for a post. But it is breaking news considering I’ve been wanting to order QSL cards for two years but never put in the effort.

I ordered from Gennady at http://www.ux5uoqsl.com . Being that I lack creativity, I asked Gennady to come up with something for me. He had some much more elaborate suggestions, but they would have required me to actually get off my ass and find appropriate high quality pictures that I specifically wanted on the card. Since I didn’t have anything I felt worthy of being displayed on a QSL card, I asked him to create something simple.

My first batch of cards will hardly be considered unique. But they’ll get the job done. Gennady provides great support for his products. Hopefully, by the next time I order a batch I will have an appropriate unique high-res picture to be on the front of the card.

For anyone out there who has sent me a QSL card for which I haven’t returned the favor, keep your pants on. A QSL will be forthcoming. Give me 4-6 weeks to receive them and I’ll take care of the backlog [maybe a dozen or so]

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May 6th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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