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Sporadic-E is on the rise!

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Got my 6m PAR Moxon up just in time. It’s up about 30 ft in the air and is rotated by hand.

Today 6m was open quite a while down into Florida / SC / Alabama areas from here. I worked a few stations in the afternoon but mostly listened.

I worked 9Y4D in Trinidad/Tobago.

Checked the activity out about 10 pm this evening and I was hearing VE4 beacons. I worked VE4EAR, VE4TV and VE4XC, VE4XC on both SSB and CW. The opening up to VE4 resulted in extremely strong signals here. It was fun. I saw some some reports of multihop-ES out to the west, but I didnt’ hear anything past N0LL’s beacon. I’m not running stacked 5’s at 100 feet either !

Also chatted with Joe, NV4I, on 10m SSB for a while today. He was booming in. Of course, it was during the workday for most people, so the bands weren’t nearly as active as they could have been if ops had been at their radios.

It’s only going to get better. Between the increasing sunspots and the fact that it’s the “season” for Sporadic-E, I’m going to have some fun on my favorite bands.

Written by Mike

May 5th, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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