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FT-100 is coming home

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I’ll be meeting up with N8SJS this afternoon [hopefully] to pick up my Yaesu FT-100. The radio and some other associated equipment have been at Jays since last year. I’m wanting to perhaps use the FT-100 for some VHF-UHF and/or mobile work. KB8SFC is intersted in the Signalink USB, so I told him he could use it.

I might actually try to acquire 2m and 70cm yagis to put up and focus on some VHF/UHF operation over the summer. Although I can’t put any of these antennas up very high at the moment, I can put them up in the clear and hopefully have a little fun during the VHF contests.

Written by Mike

May 3rd, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Posted in FT-100,VHF_UHF

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