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Too many contests this weekend!

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There’s too much going on. My goal is to put a lot of effort into the Pennsylvania QSO Party, but there are too many other contests enticing me to test the waters.


Pennsylvania QSO Party – I’m hoping to keep this one as a priority. However, I’m too close to do anything useful on 20m/15m. 40m to EPA will be alright and 80m to WPA.

Arizona QSO Party – I’m not sure about activity in this one, but I am much more likely to be able to make contacts on 80m/40m/20m and even 15m/10m if one or both of those bands are open. I wish this didn’t fall on the same weekend as the PaQP. I might end up working this contest as a priority, not only because I’ll find contacts on more bands but also because the big QSO party participants around the East Coast and PA will probably be focusing on the PaQP. And if this were true, I’d probably end up ranking higher in the AzQP than the PaQP.

Oceania DX, CW – Now, this might be interesting. Again, more DX from places I don’t usually hear from. If I hear em I’ll try and work em.

CQ SA SSB – No way. They spammed me with about 50 “invites” to participate. That annoyed the hell out of me. Besides, I seem to have a pathway to SA any time I want it.

North American Sprint, RTTY – Short deal. I’d like to jump in this one, but it’ll interfere with the PaQP and AzQP.

Worked All Britain, Phone – If I hear em I might give em a Q, but I have no interest in actually entering any British contest because the rules in the UK area contests are way too much for me to deal with. K.I.S.S.

Makrothen RTTY Contest – I have no clue about this one. Maybe there’ll be a bit of activity, or maybe it’s just one guy sitting back hoping he can generate interest. Who knows. I’m not ambitious enough to look up further details. With that said, if I happen to hear RTTY while I’m tuning the bands I’ll try and throw out my call.

SAC, SSB – I’m not much for SSB contests, but if I’m becoming too confused with all of the QPs I’m trying to operate in, I might throw out my call. The bonus here is that it’s DX.

YLRL DX/NA – This one doesn’t even belong on my list, but it’s here so that I could comment on it. The last thing I want to do is participate in a contest where the goal is for women to work the radio. Why? Because every guy [with the exception of me of course] seems to melt at the sound of a woman’s [donald duck] SSB voice. Totally pathetic. If one thinks about the average ham, this isn’t all that suprising. At any rate, in any other contest that I hear women operating, they always have huge [undeserved] pileups just because there are so many lonely, horny, homely ham guys out there who fantasize about a day when they may actually be able to talk to a woman on the air. I’ll let those guys and gals have their little cyberaffairs :)

Written by Mike

October 8th, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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