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California QSO Party 2010 (CaQP)

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This was my best turnout for a state QSO party thus far, largely due to the fact that California is a huge state and there was a tremendous amount of activity. Of course, I’d like to think I’m also improving my contesting skillset.

I worked many more stations on 80m CW than I thought I would. I’m positive there was more activity on 40m, but I didn’t allot much time to this band and I couldn’t tune up on the SSB portion of 40 — it was raining here and the ladderline was soaked. 20m/15m were ever-open during the daylight/evening hours. I only participated after noon EST on both days.

I did not get a sweep, failing to get SISK and GLEN counties. 3830 results show that a significant number of people did get sweeps though. I don’t know how I failed doing this. The county mults mean a lot, and if I would have gotten the last two mults it would have increased my score by nearly 2500. Looking back, I wish I would have put some more effort into 40m.

I worked one station 7 times, multiple stations six times. I worked quite a bit of SSB on 20/15m, and I had no trouble with my audio and no trouble getting a response from the CA bunch.

Although N1MM indicated that I worked ~14 hours in this contest, I’m sure I put in a few more than that.

It never fails — at the end of this contest I realized that I could have managed at least another 50-70 Qs and thousands of points if I would have just allotted a little more time to the contest.

All in all this was an extremely enjoyable contest.

My Results

California QSO Party

Call: AA8IA
Operator(s): AA8IA
Station: AA8IA

Class: SOFixed LP
QTH: Toronto OH
Operating Time (hrs): 14

Band CW Qs Ph Qs
160: 0 0
80: 36
40: 75 1
20: 108 54
15: 59 67
10: 0 0
6: 0 0
2: 0 0
Total: 278 122 Mults = 56 Total Score = 60,368

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Wow, what a great contest. 15m was great to CA both days. 20m of course was
packed. Even managed a significant number [for me] of SSB contacts.
Couldn’t manage to tune 40m SSB Saturday night, although 40m CW was no problem.
Weather was rainy all weekend here, but no thunderstorms and it wasn’t overly

Managed to work 56 of the counties, missing KISK and GLEN. Worked a few
stations on 4 bands.

I put more time into it than that I originally thought I would, but the allure
of all of the CQs from the hoards of CA stations got me.

Thanks to the NCCC for sponsoring this great event, and most of all thanks to
all of the CA stations that made themselves available all weekend to be worked.
There were some CA stations with insane QSO counts! I had an awesome time
working this contest. Worked W6YX seven times, N6C and K6L six times, and
many stations five times. It was great to have such a reliable path to CA on
15m, my favorite band.

I don’t know if I should have spent more time on 40m CW or not. I know there
were contacts left to be made there, but I figured 15/20m was best while the
opportunity was there.

FT-950/80m V/100w

Written by Mike

October 5th, 2010 at 11:36 am

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