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Ohio QSO Party – only two days away

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The Ohio QSO Party is almost here. Looks like Ohio stations have all counties covered. So if you’re a county hunter, you should be checking out 80-10m (minus WARC bands, and mostly on 80/40/20m) from noon til midnight (ET) on Saturday.

I haven’t done anything with the antennas. I just haven’t been able to. Fortunately the weather will be nice and I’ll be able to push up the 38-foot fiberglass mast that supports my 100+ foot inverted V that I’ll use on 80m. It’s not ideal… it’s not full length on 80m, and it’ll be 38′ at the apex with the ends extremely close to the ground. I was doing some modeling in EZNEC and can see how much better it would perform if I could get the Apex at 50′ and the ends at 38′ and 22′ (which is what I’ve figured would be the best I could possibly ever do at this location).

Fortunately, the OhQP activity is mostly on 80/40m for us Ohio stations, although those Ohio stations with good 20m ants do manage a significant number of Qs. Based upon some of last years results, it looks like Ohio stations made an almost equal number of QSOs on 80m and 40m with about half as many on 20m.

I’ll get the 80m antenna up in the air tomorrow, and I’ll also update N1MM, configure the macros, and test things out to make sure it is all working. Then, assuming I manage to go to sleep early enough and get 8 hours, I should be feeling pretty good for Saturday. I can’t even recall my scores from the few previous OhQPs I’ve worked, but I’m anticipating a significant improvement in my performance this year versus any previous year.

There are a significant number of Ohio stations working mobile this year, coveraging an amazing number of counties combined. But, there is also a large number of fixed stations as well.

This is a 12-hour contest, and the hours are easily doable for anybody in the states. I am hoping to hear a lot of people on working the contest.

Of course, the Kansas QSO Party is also this same weekend. That may make it more of a pain in the rear end for those who want to work both contests, especially when it comes to log tracking and submitting logs. Hopefully that will not deter anyone.

I plan on doing a signfiicant amount of CQing, as I think this will be very effective for me. However, during my S&P operations I most certainly will be listening for KQP operators and attempting to work them as I am able. I’ll just keep a separate log for that.

If you hear me on, please call — and be prepared to provide a sequential serial number and your state, and expect to receive a sequential serial number and JEFF (my county) from me.

If you hear me and you’re a Kansas station working the Kansas QSO Party, call me too — Indicate to me that you’re working the Kansas QSO Party (send KQP to me in CW) and I’ll send you back a 599 OH and will log you separately in a log that I’ll submit specifically for the KQP.

Hope to hear you and work you!

Written by Mike

August 26th, 2010 at 2:12 pm

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