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NAQP SSB – a few hours left to operate

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I’ve operated on and off throughout the day. Nothing heard on 10/15m. 20m is where most of my action has been, with the remainder on 40m. There are still about 2.5 hours left to operate.

  • No 80m antenna. My 42′ Alpha Delta will tune it, but nobody hears me.
  • No 160m capabilities.
  • I’m having a lot of [back] pain.
  • Storm QRN plus had to disconnect a few times for passing storms.
  • SSB ops are less patient, sometimes rude; also lazier. Heaven forbid being asked for a repeat.

I wanted to make a concerted effort to participate in the SSB contest, but I’m definitely glad I know CW. Bright side, I probably got a state or two on 20m that I need… they probably don’t do LOTW though.

No, I’m not sour. My expectations weren’t very high to begin with. Since this is a 100w-or-less contest, at least in the pileups I stood a better chance. I wanted tried not using the speech processor – I thought I sounded much cleaner. However, as soon as I turned it off people were hearing 2’s and other numbers in my call instead of an 8. Turn the speech processor back on and magically that problem goes away. Odd.

Hard to get motivated to operate anymore tonight knowing that there will be people on 160/80m that I effectively cannot work. So I’ll hope for some new 40m Qs and possibly a handful of Qs left on 20m.

Written by Mike

August 21st, 2010 at 11:24 pm

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