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Ham Radio via Internet remote — what a character

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I was monitoring 20m today, and lo and behold an interesting character was talking to another ham. When that ham signed to thank the interesting character for the QSO, the interesting character (we’ll call him neB) mentioned that he doesn’t consider it a QSO unless he’s talked to the person for at least an hour. What the hell? Strike #1.

Then when he signs he gives his KC9 call and indicates he is talking by way of an HB9 remote station. Strike #2. I can see how it would be cool to do this, given my own background in internet technologies. But, when the communication cannot be established via a direct radio link on both ends, it is my feeling that it is no longer considered an amateur radio contact. Call me old school.

Strike #3 was when another ham called him and before the actual QSO even commenced the interesting character felt the need to lay out the guidelines for the QSO.

I guess it takes all kinds, but “neB” appears to be one of a kind.

Written by Mike

July 25th, 2010 at 8:19 pm

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