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Alabama QSO Party 2010 – my performance

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Well, lack of performance. Propogation Saturday was lousy. QRN was horrendous. There were thunderstorms all weekend. I was less than motivated, but I tried.

I worked the ALQP three hours off and on — 20 CW contacts on 40m and 1 CW contact on 80m. I figured I’d do what i could just to give somebody else a point, and of course i submitted my log. There was quite a bit of mobile activity, and many people worked the mobiles on 4+ bands.

Again, purely an S&P venture. One day I need to suck it up and actually CQ for a contest rather than simply search & pounce.

Thanks to the ALQP organizers and participants. I had fun. Hopefully i’ll make a better showing next year.

Written by Mike

June 6th, 2010 at 8:28 pm

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