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The X300NA is On The Air

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I received the Diamond X300NA today.   Took me about an hour to put it together on the kitchen table (trying to be quiet since baby was sleeping).   The instructions were very simple.   The antenna went together very easily and is actually simple to put together.

I can’t really give a performance comparison for multiple reasons.   First off, the antenna is only 4 feet off the top of the deck table.   Second, I didn’t have a previous transmit antenna at this location to compare with.

On receive, it performs as well or better than my scanner antenna on 150-174 mhz and 450-475 Mhz.   800 Mhz performance, as anticipated, is terrible.   I haven’t gotten a chance to compare 2m / 440 Mhz signals since I haven’t listened to any 440 Mhz amateur repeaters in a long time and I only monitor a few 2m frequencies.   I’ll try to test it out a little more this evening.

I really need to get this antenna up over the roof of the house.   As it is now, the majority of the antenna is below the roofline and close to the house.   If I could get a 21-foot fence rail as a mast, mount it on the ground at the side of the house with a proper support at the eave, I’m sure it would do great.   This will be my only alternative at present, and it’ll probably be at least a month before i get that accomplished.

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April 7th, 2010 at 1:29 pm

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